Experience Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Latin America has wonderful food. But have in mind that with a lot of nations and almost every one of them has a different cuisine. Everywhere you turn the food is rich in flavors and you can find varieties of vegetables and fruits that make this cuisine unique. But there are a lot of celebrity cooks and chefs who have the impression that every Latin American dish seems to be coming from Mexico. With that, they are eliminating more than 30 countries. Yes, all of these countries have ingredients like beans, rice, meat, and fresh herbs, but so does almost every country in the world.

When it comes to , this is a country situated in the southern part of North America. It has a tropical climate and a lot of biodiversity. Thanks to the large variety of available fruits, veggies, and herbs that grow in this time of climate, Mexican cuisine has become one of the most famous cuisines in the world – and Mexico is considered the birthplace of a number of foods that are now considered essential in our everyday life. This cuisine is based on a mix of a few different ingredients: corn, beans, chilly, tomato, coriander.  Some of these foods have been cultivated by the Aztecs, and some have been introduced by the Europeans. The food has an intensive taste and it varies in preparation from the South to the North of Mexico.


In Mexico you can find all kinds of restaurants – it all depends on what you’re willing to eat. If you’re willing to pay more, then you can find expensive restaurants that serve food with premium ingredients prepared by famous chefs. However, it’s our recommendation that you visit places where locals eat since this is where you’ll be served with a dish prepared with a lot of love. These small restaurants are called Comedor. Although Mexico has banned smoking in closed spaces, there are some restaurants where you are allowed to smoke. Of course, these restaurants have separate rooms for smokers and rooms for non-smokers. Some restaurants even have . The atmosphere in Mexican restaurants is pleasant, and after leaving you will feel satisfied and drunk on the spices (the heat in Mexican cuisine is not for the faint-hearted), longing to return sooner rather than later.

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