Cleaning Toilets is not my Bag

One’s culture and heritage is becoming more and more important, as witnessed by the popularity of DNA kits. Many people are quite surprised at what they find. They have traces of lands unknown. Most everyone is a mixture. I know my genes and am proud of my ethnicity. I hope to share my feelings in this blog about my rich history. Many interesting things will come to light.

You are somewhat defined by your background and also your environment, wherever you are. A Latino should feel at home in Europe, Africa or Asia. But there is nothing like your own birthplace. I have felt like an outsider in a foreign land, and I am sure you know what I mean if you are in similar shoes. It takes time to adapt and people notice your “strangeness.” As the Latino population grows in certain areas like Los Angeles or El Paso, it is almost indigenous by now.

I appreciate the quantity of Mexican, Cuban, Guatemalan and Salvadoran food sudden available in the most unexpected places like Russia or Nepal. The world is changing and Latinos are some of the beneficiaries. We still have a long way to go as you can see from what is happening in the U.S. The idea of a barrier wall is anathema to me and my friends. Let’s hope the idea dies on the vine. It is just a way or promoting prejudice and drawing attention to one element of a group alone.

Part of the problem is that people assume the worst about our habits, like we are from another planet. Which we are not! Our customs are different but entirely human. I know that many Latinos have cleaning jobs as a result of not knowing the language, and their lives are largely spent . This is a myth indeed. We come from all walks of life.

But without Latinos, many homes and restaurants would go without staff. But get rid of the picture of the toilet and start to zone in on people from Cuba, Mexico, and Central South America plying numerous trades from chefs, shop owners and gardeners to business tycoons and writers. Where there is a will, there is a way: and we have the will in spades. We are not just crop workers but can also be found teaching school, running organizations and treating the sick. We sing and play music that charms the world. Our cuisine is popularity beyond belief.

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